US & Offshore Portfolio Management

With a complete respect for where each client has come from, our investment management team develops and monitors custom investment strategies for our clients. No two portfolios are exactly the same. As an independent firm, we retain the freedom to select from an array of investment products we feel are appropriate, including the ability to incorporate, if suitable, what each client brings to the table. With this flexibility in mind, we are able to offer access to many different investments including, but not limited to, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, managed accounts, real estate investment trusts, insurances, and other tax-advantaged investments. Investment fees and commissions are disclosed ahead of implementing any investment strategy. 

Our starting point is your Investment Mandate, the unique combination of requirements that distinguish you from other investors. These include:

  • Risk profile
  • Investment time horizon
  • Income requirements
  • Investment restrictions
  • Tax status
  • Portfolio size

Prior to opening your account we discuss your investment objectives with you to gain a full understanding. Of particular interest are your long-term investment goals, your attitude to risk and any investment restrictions you may wish to impose. We document these requirements and refer to this as your Investment Mandate. Many clients simply require a balanced portfolio, one that is invested across a broad range of assets, seeking a return from both income and capital growth. Others have specific needs requiring a highly tailored solution. Once we’ve agreed on your investment requirements together, we then construct and manage a bespoke portfolio on your behalf. This portfolio is designed as a long-term investment with returns judged over a period of five years or longer. Our wealth advisors can help you develop an investment plan to match the level of risk you’re comfortable with.

International Private Client

For our overseas based clientele, we offer our International Private Client service. After much high level planning and regulatory structuring, we are able to offer non-US citizens the same professional investment capabilities we offer our US clients through our recently formed International Private Client service. This program focuses on the unique investment needs for offshore clients and emphasizes investments that are not subject to the US tax system and adheres to the same institutional investment management process that we use for our US clients. Our International PrivateClient portfolios are fully diversified and benefit from our uniquely integrated multi-manager, multi-asset class and cost sensitive approach. For those clients with family members overseas, we now have an easier way to include them under your family’s financial umbrella. Our multilingual financial advisors are assigned to work with you in a service-oriented approach.

We’re here to help you. Whether it’s gaining exposure to specific areas of interest, diversifying and protecting your investments or both, we have the expertise to get you where you want to be.

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